Live Event Painting


If you are interested in live event painting services, the first step is to meet with me to discuss the details of your event and what you are looking for. I hope to bring your ideas to life. In order to provide you with the best service, I want to know the style of painting you want, what scene you want captured and details you may want included in the painting. 

On the day of your wedding, I will arrive 2 hours before the ceremony begins to set up my easel and begin painting the background. As your ceremony begins, you will have your guests, and my, undivided attention. I will work throughout your ceremony and at the end of the ceremony, the painting will be transported to the reception where I will provide entertainment for the guests as I finish the painting from reference photos. Your guests will be provided with the entertainment of watching the painting come to life!

At the end of the wedding, you can choose to take the painting home with you or, I can take the artwork back to my studio to allow the paint to fully dry and add any finishing touches to complete your painting. All touch-ups are included in the cost of your painting, unless special requests are made that deviate from the original version of the painting. Your finished masterpiece will be mailed or delivered to you when you return from your honeymoon. Physical prints, thank you cards and other extras can be requested at an additional cost.


  • A virtual or in person consultation before the wedding where we will discuss your vision and any other questions you may have
  • Approximately 6 hours of on-site painting and entertainment for your guests
  • A sophisticated and unique painting in the medium of your choice created with museum-quality materials that will ensure a treasured heirloom that will last for generations 


Do you Travel? Where are you located?
I love to travel and I am ready to capture your day, wherever that may be. If the drive is over 50 miles outside of Columbus, I ask that the client covers the cost of gas.
Can you paint my wedding/event from a photograph?
Absolutely! I do not have to paint your event live.
Will you paint our ceremony or our reception?
That is totally up to you! I am willing to paint your first kiss as a married couple, your ceremony with or without guests and bridal party, your first dance, venue scenes or most other ideas you may have.
How do you set up? Does the venue need to provide anything?
I should not need any assistance in setting up. I have a portable easel and an optional mat/tarp for my painting space. The venue should reserve a small space (no bigger than 4'x6'). This space should offer a good view of my subject matter. I will need access to a power outlet during the reception to power my lamp for my easel.
What if I do not have money left in my budget for a live wedding painter?
You can add my services of live wedding painting to your registry as a group gift! Guests will love watching their gift come to life and feel honored to contribute to such a meaningful gift that you and your family will cherish forever.